What We Do


Analytical Software and Technology

HR² is equipped with state-of-the-art analysis technology and software, including IBM’s Artificial Intelligence software for predictive and prescriptive models. The AI Modeler provides advanced tools for testing big data. HR² is excited to be utilizing this impressive technology in our future project in all industries including restaurants, business and financial markets, and major retailers.


HR² Research and Analytics has been particularly successful in providing innovative and specialized forms of market information designed specifically to serve the needs of various companies.  Providing the most beneficial services to customers is a complex challenge which profits from research that is both industry-specific and customized to the unique needs of each client.  Though not exhaustive, the following list describes types of market information which have proven to be especially valuable to different organizations.


  1. Awareness of Customers for a particular organization
  2. Image Research of Customer’s view of an organization’s fee-for-service value
  3. Employee/Customer/Member Profile Research allowing an organization to pinpoint demographics for product or service sales and trends
  4. Employee/Customer/Voter Satisfaction Research allowing for the identification of factors critical to interaction between related groups in order to increase the quality of customer experience and organizational harmony
  5. Product Demand and Pricing Research uncovering what the Customer wants and how much they are willing to pay for it
  6. New Services/ Product Testing Research giving rise to the Customer satisfaction or demand levels for possible new products or services
  7. Site or Branch Feasibility Research giving data for the demand of a new retail opportunity or market potential, the degree of capturing a competitor’s market share, the degree of alleviation of capacity at current sites, and the products in demand for a particular region
  8. Competitive Analysis Research for areas of market differentiation, leadership, and opportunity, as well as improvement within the market


1. Food Sciences utilizing the company’s proprietary analytical model called FATT, which has been used in the development of new products

2. Real Estate research based on our proprietary intellectual property involving fractals, convergence, and big data.


Our senior research directors have decades of experience in conducting roundtables, focus group discussions, and in-person intercepts. These have been critical in the development of organizations such as the Chihuly Glass Art Exhibit, which in a year’s period of time had received global recognition.