Qualified professionals are involved in all phases of the research process.  The company staff work directly or indirectly on any given research or business activity.  The professional staff consists of research directors/moderators, senior economists, research analysts, data processing groups, research assistants and a data collection department.   HR² Research/Analytics is dedicated to an organizational structure that is based on a team concept.

Executive Management is responsible for developing systems that promote quality and superior service, a high level of responsiveness and extraordinary flexibility.  Their daily operational responsibilities include resource allocation, final research reviews, marketing and financial stewardship.

Research Directors, Assistant Research Directors and Analysts manage each research project and serve as the primary points of customer contact.  Responsibilities include the development of research designs and methodologies, supervision of a project’s progress through data collection activities, final data analysis and report preparation and presentation.

Staff Economists are responsible for economic and market planning studies.  They work as consultants to private and public-sector clients on economic feasibility studies, market demand and price elasticity projects.

Research Analysts support directors in all aspects of the project management process.  Research analysts manage the majority of day-to-day duties involved in the research process, including data analysis and preparation of research plans, survey and questionnaire development, questionnaire programming, statistical analysis and the preparation of the executive summary of findings.

Research Assistants are responsible for primary information-gathering and assisting research analysts with various tasks throughout the research process.

Specific team members will be assigned to your organization’s project as would be outlined in a research proposal.