Using Data Analytics and Market Research to provide our clients with valuable business insight

HR² Research and Analytics is a full-service research firm headquartered in Bellevue, WA, that focuses on data analytics to provide valuable business insight for our clients. Founded in October 2016, our company is branched off from Hebert Research which focused on Market Research through surveys and focus groups. 

Our company was created to resolve the significant lack of independent, high quality analytics research that gives practical insight into taking business and innovation to the next level and to also revitalize specific economies and create jobs. As such, we are known for providing client-focused projects, perceptive methodologies, and a passionate pursuit of knowledge. As one of the leading full-service research groups in the United States, we provide strategic and reliable research to grow and achieve our clients’ visions, as seen in our recent research project for the advancement of AI. These services are used to optimize business practices, marketing objectives, and provide economic foresight.



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