Our Clients

There are two primary qualities that are constant throughout HR²’s client base.

HR²’s clients are not defined by their size, but their reliance on data analytics, which have contributed to the development of companies which have helped our nation to become one of the fastest growing throughout the world. Examples of companies HR² has worked with that have grown from minor businesses into leading businesses include Costco, Cinnabon, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon.

HR² clients think big. To quote George Bernard Shaw, “You see things, and you say ‘Why?’, but I dream things that never were and I say, ‘Why not?”

What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

Because of confidentiality, many of HR²’s clients have been released from inclusion in the public view. The following statements have been approved for public review.


“Jim Hebert is a pioneer in the field of research and analytics. I’ve relied on his expertise and advise for many years. ”

Oct 22, 2017
CFO Selections, Bellevue WA
Robin Shuler from CFO Selections



“Their research provides profound market understanding for retail, commercial office, manufacturing, industrial, technology, hospitality and much more.”

Greg Krape Consulting, LLC


“Providers of solid, objective data-driven research. Their studies and surveys have been a key part of marketing the Eastside.”

Robertson & Associates Real Estate Consulting


“I’ve known Jim Hebert for many years , as a tenant and business associate. His ability to sort and sift data and issues and come up with predictions and trends is most useful. Steve Holman American Commercial Real Estate”

Oct 15, 2017
Steve Holman from American Commercial Real Estate



“Have done work with them for some years and found them to be highly skilled at what they do and we have been very pleased with the work they have done for us on some of our Resort Clients.”

Oct 13, 2017
Ron Tate from Balance Point International

“Congratulations on your new research and analytics name. This is a very exciting time in the data sciences field and portends great things for HR2.

I wish you great, continued success in building on the ground-breakup strategic solutions and long-held sterling reputation of the company.

Thanks for leading the way and always modeling the highest standards and best practices all these years.

Best Wishes,

Gail Monaghan

Monaghan & Company