Space Needle Renovation


In June 2017, the Space Needle announced its intent to undergo a multi-year renovation venture. The Century Project will focus on the preservation and renovation of the 55-year-old icon. Privately funded by the Wright family, who own the Space Needle, the ambitious $100 million project focuses on reinventing the Observation deck, restaurant level and the internal systems. The renovation aims to reveal the historic tower’s internal structure and leverage cutting-edge glass technology all while delivering the visitor experience by dramatically expanding and enhancing the view. The Observation Deck will be retooled, its “cage-like” interior walls, thick doors and window supports will be replaced entirely with glass panels and floor-to-ceiling glass windows. The flooring will be replaced with a first-of-its-kind rotating glass that reveals downward views of 500 feet below to diners.
Jeff Wright, Space Needle Chairman states “This project both connects us back to our roots, to the vision of my father and his partners had when they built the Space Needle in 1962 and guides us forward into the future for generations to enjoy.” The revamped restaurant and observation deck is expected to be completed by May 2018.
Throughout the years, HR2 research was involved with many projects with the Space Needle. In 2012, analysts at HR2 Research used statistical techniques such as ANOVA, Chi-Squared tests and cross-tabulation to identify activities and events SkyCity diners engaged in at the Seattle Center campus, such as primary reasons as to why respondents decide to dine at SkyCity. In 2013, HR2 Research worked on determining customer satisfaction with arrival experiences and validating exclusive intellectual property rights with Cramer’s V and sounding boards to research data. In 2014, HR2 Research tested on the value of digital enhancements features of the Space Needle’s Elevate Campaign as well as adding new interactive media platforms to drive up demand by using univariate and multivariate analysis.