HR Squared Research/Analytics is Ready to Answer the Questions that Organizations Must Ask


After nearly 40 years in business, providing solutions for the research needs of the top corporations and organizations in the United States,  HR2 Research/Analytics is proud to announce its new company name. HRspecializes in the statistical sciences, providing innovative research strategies and data analytics. HR2 has been continually recognized in the Pacific Northwest and nationally for its multi-faceted research. We have provided the answers needed for top Fortune 100 companies and helped thousands of businesses and organizations foster their growth and development.

This transition will include our client base of over 2,000 organizations. Additional staff are being added as well during this transition to meet the growing needs of our clients. They will be joining our existing team of analysts and research directors.

Our full-service research firm covers a broad scope of topics and methodology, including:

  • Customer, employee and voter surveys
  • Economic forecasts
  • Productdemand, growth and development
  • Testing of new services
  • Price Elasticity
  • Site Location
  • Perception and preference awareness
  • Demographic profiling
  • Focus group moderation


HR2 is excited for our upcoming projects. We are available for a private consultation to assess your organization’s needs. To reach the current research director,  please call 425-301-7447 or jhebert@hr2researchandanalytics.com. We look forward to sharing more news about HR2 Research/Analytics.


Thank you,

The HR2 Research/Analytics Team